Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diaper Cake Instructions

This was a really fun project! My cousin is expecting a little boy and so this was made by rolling diapers and securing each with a rubber band and then making layers by using rubberbands. My tip at this stage is to put the rubberband around, then insert each diaper. That is much easier than trying to hold them all and putting on the rubberband! Oh, before I forget, my bottom two layers have one tall baby bottle in the center and my top layer has a small bottle of baby powder in the center. As my cousin takes it apart to use the diapers, she will find small items.

I attached baby products and toys all around with white curly ribbon. I made a receiving blanket to wrap around the bottom layer and attached with a diaper pin. I put scrapbooking stickers all around the blanket and on the ribbon on all layers. They easily come off so my cousin can reuse them to make a scrapbook page. The top has ribbon and a pacifier with curly ribbon.

There are so many great links out there with instructions, but this is the one I used:

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