Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Back!! It has been pretty crazy!

Sorry, it's been awhile since my last post! It have been crazy here! I have started my new job and I travel to a town about an hour away to stay during the week. I am loving it! I'm in a city now and love all the shops! Of course, the first thing I did was check out the local quilt & craft stores! Love 'em!

I have missed checking out all of ya'lls blogs! I hope I am more settled now and can get on my blog. I have several projects to share coming up! I have made fabric beads and a fabric bowl! Pretty cool!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even More Spring Giveaways!!

Lani, over at The Neverending Adventure has combined two of my loves, fabrics and working in my yard and she is having a great spring giveaway and she wants some new friends!! Rush right over and check her out at

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wet Wipe Cover Instructions

This again was made with scraps and it really didn't turn out like I thought, but it is still nice.
I bought a round container of wet wipes and just wrapped my fabric around to measure, then added a 1/2 inch seam allowance , cut the piece of fabric out. Then I went ahead and sewed my bottom and top seams leaving room for elastic to be threaded through.
After threading the elastic through, I pinned it in place and then with right sides together, I sewed my seam down the side, catching the elastic at the top and bottom. Turn it right side out and slide onto canister of wipes. So easy!!

Tissue Box Cover Instructions

Ok, I made this with larger scrap pieces and it turned out so cute. And what babies room doesn't need tissues...right.

It fits right over the top of a tissue box.

I just measured the sides and cut pieces of fabric, adding a 1/4 inch seam allowance for each side. Then for the top, I measured and added a 1/4 inch seam allowance for each of the edges that are on the side and for the middle 'slit', I added a 1/2 inch seam allowance and sewed this first, then I pined each end of my slit and treated it just like I would a side and sewed, wrong sides together. When that is all done, just go along your bottom edge and sew 1/4 inch seam. Now turn right side out.
I bought a yo-yo maker and thought adding one yo-yo to the top with several stitches just made it pop. It is late and I am tired, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Soft Baby Block Instructions

The blocks can say A B C D E or...

They can spell 'CADE's name...

Ok, I had left over scraps of fabric and I had to make something, so why not matching soft baby blocks.

I cut 3 inch pieces of fabric and alternated them in the layout shown in the picture:

Then, I cut out letters of the alternate fabric using templates printed on my computer and printed on cardstock. I ironed my fabric on any wonder under, steam a seam, etc and traced my pattern on the back and cut my letters out and ironed them on 4 of the blocks. I stitched an outline around each letter as I wanted the edges to rag just a bit when washed.

To make each block, just sew each seam wrong sides together, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving the last side open so you can stuff with poly-fill and the I hand stitched that seam closed. Let me know if you have any questions!

'Ragged' Baby Quilt Instructions

Yea, I finished baby Cade's 'ragged' baby quilt to match his western themed room. It really was easy!

I used two cotton fabrics (red bandana and denim) and backed it with a flannel. I started by cutting 10 1/2 inch blocks of all fabrics and cutting 9 inch blocks of batting. I layered the flannel wrong side up, centered a block of batting next and then topped it with either a bandana or denim block, right side up and sewed an X from corner to corner, with all 1/2 inch seams to the front.
Now, I'm sure you noticed that I have 'Cade's' name on alternating blocks. That was really easy. I used 'Goudy' bold font and got it to a size that looked right to me and then printed it on card stock, cut each letter out and used this as my pattern. To attach each letter to a block set (flannel, batting and top fabric) , I just used a tight zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.
Sew each block in whatever pattern you want with seams all on the front of the quilt. When you finish the back of the quilt should be smooth. Now comes the fun part. I used scissors to cut ever 1/4 inch, but making sure not to cut my seam. In the picture above, I had washed the quilt three times and each time it will look better.
You will note some people like to add additional layers of flannel to their blocks to make the ragging thicker, but I found that this was thick enough for me and I didn't want it too thick for the baby. Please ask if I have left anything out. Thanks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy Burping Cloths Instruction!!!

Of course, this is another project for my cousin's soon to be here baby! This started as the baby quilt I was going to make and then I changed my mind and made a different baby quilt, so I decided to use these blocks to make burping cloths. Now I was told that using a towel was the best thing for the burping side because it asborbs so well.
I just cut a piece of towel the same size as my blocks and sewed along all sides and once across the middle. Then I made binding using a 2 inch strip of denim and sewed it all along the edge to finish each burping cloth. So easy!

Quick & Easy Flower Pin

Oh my gosh! I visited Lettie blog, Polka Dot Pineapple and her tutorial for this amazing flower pin is so easy to follow and I had this one made in less than 30 minutes!

I made this one to match all the baby stuff I've been making for my cousin's baby and she can wear this next weekend at her baby shower and also have a keepsake!! Now how great is that!!! Thanks so much Lettie! I love your blog! She also has lots of other great tutorials that I just have to try!!

Look What Joelle Sent!!! Really Nice!!!

Check out that Wonderful Aviary Honey Bun I won from Joelle with Jojo's Gift Shoppe!!! I can hardly wait to come up with something to make. You better check out her blog at for April's Giveaway!!

Don't you just love the purse fat quarters I bought from her!! I think they will make such a cute purse! Talk about fast shipping, mercy, they arrived so fast that I was dumbstruck! What a wonderful package to arrive before Easter weekend! Yea! I also received a so cute post-it pad and a sweet note from Joelle!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More April Giveaways!!

I Never Grew Up is having ANOTHER giveaway for a huge lot of sweets! The Chocolate Pecan Roll looks so good! Check it out at

I Never Grew Up is having a giveaway for the perfect Baby Shower Gift! Check it out at

You could win $80.00 in wonderful crayola products!! Better hurry on over to:

Pig Tails & Quilts is having a huge giveaway of 30 fq's to celebrate her daughter's birthday! Check her out at before April 20, 2009!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silly Pups on a Spring Day!

Today I was trying to work on some of the unfinished projects I have going on and Sadie kept getting in between my legs and just begged me to pick her up and love on her! lol Which I did and then set her down and tried to go back to go! So, I took a break and we went outside and Ziggy, Sadie and Maggie were so happy, they had a three-way over the 'frog' toy, which is Ziggy's fav! No pun intended, but they each had a 'frog leg'
I just had to take a picture of my purple iris' that are blooming! So pretty! I love Spring and when all the flowers are blooming and birds are singing!
OK, everyone, say a prayer that I get a call in the next several days regarding employment! I've had some really great interviews, but there are alot of talented folks out there! I wish I could continue to stay at home, it has been wonderful the past month, but, truth is, I gotta work. Dang it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

'Not Your Average Sock Monkey' Instructions

I love that this uses colorful socks!! Check out the instructions at:

Sock Horse Instructions!! WOW!!

Oh, my! This is the cutest thing, even though his eyes haven't been added yet. ! A sock horse!! Check out this link for instructions:

April Great Giveaways

Joelle is doing it again!! Another month of amazing giveaways!! Can it get any better!! Check her out at

Like surprises? Then check out this surprise giveaway at

Here is another great one to check out! I love her purses!

OMG! Just Another Hang Up has the cutest totes, travel bags and even a cupcake tote in her Etsy store and you could win one. Better rush right over and check her out at:

Pretty in Pink Giveaway & Tutorials!!

Yea! I finally got the picture posted to go with this giveaway! Is that not just the cutest thing!! I love her little sock monkey!!

Kellie is having an awesome giveaway at

Well, I can't get a picture posted, but take my word for it! Her work is so awesome! I just love the colors and birds and butterflies with flowers! Her little monkeys rock! Be sure and check it out before April 6, 2009.

She has some great tutorials also!

Shopping Day Out!

I took a shopping day out of town as there are no quilting stores here and It was SO much fun! I came home with SO many great ideas and, of course, some awesome

I finally located a store with a replacement cord for my laptop...for $80.00...(I could have bought so much fabric with that!!)

Several ideas that I will share in the coming weeks is, of course, the rest of the things I'm making for my cousin's baby due in June, such as a baby quilt, diaper bag/tote, wrapper for diaper wipes, and whatever else I can think of. My Aunt wants a tote like baby Cade's, omly with stars!! (pictures and instructions coming soon .)

Today, I learned a very easy way to make a 'sweatshirt' jacket, covered with your choice of fabric and embellished with chenille you make yourself!! So cool! A magnetic notepad holder for your frig. I'm going to try with felt to make sure I can do it before I try one with wool. A crazy signature quilt for my Grandmother, that each member of my family helps make by embellishing a square and I'm gonna let my cousin's daughter, Caroline, color a square of muslin to add to it. I'll share it all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Judi, over at is giving away a jelly roll and pattern. Check out her buy one pattern, get one free deal! Awesome!!

Look What Carla Sent...

Oh my gosh!! Carla over at 'With Needle and Thread' sent me the most wonderful handmade tote! Check out the detail on this tote! Awesome! What you can't see is that it is lined and has two huge pockets inside! I can not tell you how excited I was the evening it arrived in the mail! The detail on the outside pocket is amazing! This lady sure knows her stuff! My hope is to one day be able to make a tote even half as nice.

Carla, WOW, thank you so much! I will treasure the tote for years to come!

Spring is Coming!!

I have really been pleased by seeing all the things starting to bloom in my yard. I am so ready for the beautiful spring days that are coming!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Airing of the Quilts' in Huntsville, Texas

'Airing of the Quilts' in Huntsville, Texas is billed as the largest outdoor quilt show in Texas. If you live close enough, plan to attend on Mat 2, 2009 from 9-4.

Check out their link:

Livingston Piecemakers Quilt Show

Sorry for the late notice! Livingston Piecemakers Quilt Guild is having a ;Garden Glories' Quilt Show today and tomorrow at the Livingston Jr High School. (Sat 10-4 & Sun 12-4). If you live in the area, check it out!

Their link is:

Sounds like fun!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Win A Quilt and MORE!!!

A friend of mine is having a HUGE giveaway!! You could win a quilt and there are prizes each week. Tell her 'Lisa - ALLBRIGHT212' sent you. Check out her blog at . Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sad Day...

A sweet lady that I worked with passed away and her funeral was today. It came as a shock since it was unexpected. One comfort is that she will not suffer any more sickness. She is in a far better place than us here on earth and she will be missed greatly! My prayers go out to all her family and the young son she leaves behind.

Make sure and tell those you love how much they mean to you and that you love them. We will never know when our time comes. Life can be all to short sometimes. I will treasure my time here with the ones I love and leaving a little piece of me by sharing all the things I craft.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Clean Your Sewing Machine

I found this wonderful link with instructions on cleaning your sewing machine. Thought I would pass it on:

Ginny's Bags & Rags is Hosting Another Giveaway!!

Can you believe it, Ginny at Bags and Rags is hosting a second giveaway! You get your choice of one of her handmade purses! They are so nice! Orange Crush is my fav! (well, I really like that coffee one too or maybe the dessert one.) Go check out her blog at

Visit her Esty Shop at and check out those fab purses!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Giveaway at Sew Fantastic!! Check it out!

Terri at Sew Fantastic is having a great giveaway at her blog. There are three wonderful prizes from Jane's Fabric Store on Ebay. I just love that Spring Fling and 'Seasons' is too die for! Hop on over and check it out at

Cade's Photo Book Cover and Remodeled Picture Frame

My cousin is expecting again, a little boy this time! Cade should arrive around June 3rd. Her theme for his room is western with blue jean, dark red bandana and leather look-alike material. I made a cover for a photo book and cover a frame with the leather like material yesterday. They were so easy and look great!

If anyone knows of a pattern for the small patchwork bear, let me know! I'd love to make her one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ginnys Quilts: A Quilters Delight Birthday Give Away! Link

Ginny has an awesome package that will make you jump up and down and she is giving it away on her birthday!!! How sweet is that! Better hop on over and check it out before March 27, 2009.

Ginnys Quilts: A Quilters Delight Birthday Give Away!#links

Willow Lake Stitches: St. Patrick's Day Contest !

I love the 'go green' ideas Willow Lake Stitches is getting with her giveaway of a great 'green' shopping tote! Go on over and check it out at:

Willow Lake Stitches: St. Patrick's Day Contest !

National Quilting Day - March 21, 2009

What do you have planned to do tomorrow? Will you be quilting? Maybe working in your yard? Just hanging with your family? How about shopping with your favorite quilt store?

Hum, I have been wanting to travel out of town to the closest quilting store or I may just try and catch up on some quilting projects that I am behind on. I get so excited and sidetracked that I have way too many Unfinished Projects. Here are some of mine:

Jojo's Gift Shoppe: March Giveaway Links

Check out the 'sweet' giveaways Joelle is having!! Just leave her a comment!

Jojo's Gift Shoppe: March Giveaway#links

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewing Machine Giveaway!!!

Yes, you read correctly!! 'You Can Quilt This' is celebrating, you could WIN a Marie Osmond Quilter’s Companion sewing machine from Janome! Isn’t that exciting?

They are going to reveal a NEW website set to launch this April! This April they will launch! They can’t wait to share with you the projects, tutorials, and patterns brought together by a team of experts and lead designers in the industry.

They also have websites for other crafting also! Check it out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Annie Quilt Giveaway

Brenda with My Little Annies is having a wonderful quilt giveaway! Hop on over to her blog and leave a comment to win until March 28, 2009!! Thanks, Brenda!!!

Diaper Cake Instructions

This was a really fun project! My cousin is expecting a little boy and so this was made by rolling diapers and securing each with a rubber band and then making layers by using rubberbands. My tip at this stage is to put the rubberband around, then insert each diaper. That is much easier than trying to hold them all and putting on the rubberband! Oh, before I forget, my bottom two layers have one tall baby bottle in the center and my top layer has a small bottle of baby powder in the center. As my cousin takes it apart to use the diapers, she will find small items.

I attached baby products and toys all around with white curly ribbon. I made a receiving blanket to wrap around the bottom layer and attached with a diaper pin. I put scrapbooking stickers all around the blanket and on the ribbon on all layers. They easily come off so my cousin can reuse them to make a scrapbook page. The top has ribbon and a pacifier with curly ribbon.

There are so many great links out there with instructions, but this is the one I used:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Embellished Flower Pot Instructions

I went back and painted in steams and leaves and added beads and buttons.

Ok, Joelle! I think I have mastered your Jojo's Giffe Shoppe givaway challenge for using fabric in a scrapbooking way, in a creative, innovative and beautiful way! I was out in my yard and yearing for Spring so I made this embellished flower pot. I wish I would have had a better plant to put in it for the picture.

It really wasn't hard at all. It just took alittle time. The cool thing is that you can use whatever on this project.

1 clay flower pot, cleaned
1 can spray paint (I used white)
white all purpose glue
sponge brush

Spray pot with basecoat of paint and let dry completely. Then comes the fun part! I cut flowers and grass out of fabric, cut flower out of paper, used stick on letters, stickers, ribbon, sequins, cut butterflies out of felt and made them 3-D by cutting two small slits and running a small piece of raffia through it to attach after I was done with all glueing.

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just glue or stick on whatever you would like to flowerpot. You can use fabric, paper, napkins, magazine cutouts, stickers, ribbon, sequins, etc. Add a name or phrase. Make sure to get out any air bubbles.

Now, lightly coat entire surface with 3-4 coats of all purpose glue with a sponge brush. Allow to dry in between coats.

Finish by appling a sealer to your project.

Now you can glue or hot glue on beads, buttons and any 3-D effect items.

Stick a flower in and it is so pretty sitting around or great for gift giving! I'd love to see a picture of your embellished flower pot.

What's Blooming in Your Yard??

Joelle with Jojo's Gift Shoppe has me stepping outside the box to attempt a craft other than quilting. I have never 'scrapbooked', but she has some beautiful fabric for a givaway that she is hosting on her blog that is too die for and so I thought I can try to do something. Give it a shot!

Now I wanted to use scrapbooking and fabric together and so I have come up with what I want to make.... A flowerpot embellished with paper, fabric and whatever else I can find. Let's see what I can do with a flowerpot, paper, fabric, glue, ribbon, and maybe a few beads...humm, ideas are whirling!

Anyway, while I was outside painting my flowerpot, I couldn't help but walk around and take a few pictures of what was blooming in my yard. I enjoy working in my yard and collecting seeds. I am so ready for Spring!! What's blooming in your yard??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amy Butler Free Quilt Patterns Link

These are free quilt patterns by Amy Butler. Check them out!

Wonderful Link for Free Quilt Patterns - Must See!!

Wonderful Link for free quilt patterns from the Fat Quarter Shop. Some of them are made for use with fat quarters and charms. There are links to fabric manufacturers sites that also offer free quilt patterns. Check it out!

Fabric Stick Horse Instructions

A really nice How-to video can be found at this link:

'Donkey' (from Shrek) Stick Horse Instruction

‘Donkey’ Stick Horse Pattern
These turns out to look like ‘Donkey’ from Shrek.

A pair of old blue jeans
Some string
A little rope
hot glue gun
permanent marker
Craft eyes
fabric glue
polyester filling
3-foot-long wooden dowel with a 3/4-inch diameter


1. Cut off one jean leg about 2 feet up from the hem. Turn the leg inside out and use string to tightly tie the bottom closed.
2. Now, turn the leg right side out and glue on eyes (about 4-inches up from mouth) and draw in nostrils (about 1 2/2-inches up from mouth).
3. For the horse's mane and forelock, arrange 8-inch lengths of yarn into four bunches of 35 strands. Tie each bunch in the center with another strand.
4. Starting 2 inches above the horse's eyes in the center of the pant leg, cut 8 3/4-inch vertical slits (spaced a half inch apart). Weave one bunch of yarn through the first two slits, so that the ends stick out and resemble a forelock. Weave the other bunches through the remaining slits to create the mane.
5. For ears, cut the back pockets from the jeans and use string to tie the tops closed. Cut ear slits in the head and insert the tied ends of the pockets into them.
6. Stuff the horse's head (up to its ears) with polyester filling. Insert one end of the wooden dowel. Then, pack the neck with more filling and tightly tie the lower edge of the neck to the dowel. Finally, tie a rope bridle around the horse's nose and hot glue in place. Add a lenght of rope to your bridle for the'reins' and hot glue in place.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creative Studio: Winners are Grinners....!

Creative Studio: Winners are Grinners....!

Thanks, Judith for the great pattern I won in your givaway! I hope to send people your way! I can't wait to try it!

March projects

March has been busy for us. We went camping, just to get out and away. It was fun, but I was ready to get back. I was having withdraws from my sewing machine!

I have been working on making stick horses for family members and friends. One turned out just perfect for Caroline and looks so cute and another one I named 'Donkey' because it reminds me of 'Donkey' from Shrek.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Presents in Progress

This is a work in progress from a book Take Two and Add A Few by Atkinson Designs. It's called Birthday Presents.

My Bargello Adventure

This is a Bargello quilt I made 10 years ago and it will always be special to me! I love playing with the colors! I even made a mini wall hanging that matches.