Friday, April 3, 2009

Shopping Day Out!

I took a shopping day out of town as there are no quilting stores here and It was SO much fun! I came home with SO many great ideas and, of course, some awesome

I finally located a store with a replacement cord for my laptop...for $80.00...(I could have bought so much fabric with that!!)

Several ideas that I will share in the coming weeks is, of course, the rest of the things I'm making for my cousin's baby due in June, such as a baby quilt, diaper bag/tote, wrapper for diaper wipes, and whatever else I can think of. My Aunt wants a tote like baby Cade's, omly with stars!! (pictures and instructions coming soon .)

Today, I learned a very easy way to make a 'sweatshirt' jacket, covered with your choice of fabric and embellished with chenille you make yourself!! So cool! A magnetic notepad holder for your frig. I'm going to try with felt to make sure I can do it before I try one with wool. A crazy signature quilt for my Grandmother, that each member of my family helps make by embellishing a square and I'm gonna let my cousin's daughter, Caroline, color a square of muslin to add to it. I'll share it all.

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