Monday, March 16, 2009

Embellished Flower Pot Instructions

I went back and painted in steams and leaves and added beads and buttons.

Ok, Joelle! I think I have mastered your Jojo's Giffe Shoppe givaway challenge for using fabric in a scrapbooking way, in a creative, innovative and beautiful way! I was out in my yard and yearing for Spring so I made this embellished flower pot. I wish I would have had a better plant to put in it for the picture.

It really wasn't hard at all. It just took alittle time. The cool thing is that you can use whatever on this project.

1 clay flower pot, cleaned
1 can spray paint (I used white)
white all purpose glue
sponge brush

Spray pot with basecoat of paint and let dry completely. Then comes the fun part! I cut flowers and grass out of fabric, cut flower out of paper, used stick on letters, stickers, ribbon, sequins, cut butterflies out of felt and made them 3-D by cutting two small slits and running a small piece of raffia through it to attach after I was done with all glueing.

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just glue or stick on whatever you would like to flowerpot. You can use fabric, paper, napkins, magazine cutouts, stickers, ribbon, sequins, etc. Add a name or phrase. Make sure to get out any air bubbles.

Now, lightly coat entire surface with 3-4 coats of all purpose glue with a sponge brush. Allow to dry in between coats.

Finish by appling a sealer to your project.

Now you can glue or hot glue on beads, buttons and any 3-D effect items.

Stick a flower in and it is so pretty sitting around or great for gift giving! I'd love to see a picture of your embellished flower pot.

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